Glorious Twelfth at The Shed

Every year the Gladwin Brothers celebrate the start of the Grouse season with a Glorious Twelfth feast, and this year is no exception. Enjoy six beautiful courses, with a whole Grouse main course, each showcasing a piece of the British countryside. 

The menu is an expression of foraged, seasonal British food; It follows our philosophy of 'what grows together, goes together' as a journey through England's incredible produce. Each course is named after the area from which we source the produce. View the Glorious Twelfth menu on our website. 

Tickets: £75 for six-courses, a glass of Nutty Brut Sparkling Wine on arrival, and petit fours after your meal. To reserve your table, please get in contact through the information below:

020 7229 4024 |  [email protected]

The Shed has limited seating available due to safety measures, so we highly recommend letting them know of your interest sooner rather than later.

The Story leading up to our Glorious Twelfth:

On August 11th, Oliver travels to the Yorkshire Dales to meet our long-time game supplier Andrew. Over 1/2 a pint and a packet of pork scratchings, they discuss the season so far, what to expect the following day, and the procedure of the shoot followed by an early night for a very early start the next day.

 At five AM sharp, Oliver walks with the beaters at the top of the hill where they beat out the first Grouse of the year.

With the birds down, they are collected and taken via a game truck to the area's warehouse, where they are plucked. As Oliver describes, the birds are in their "New York Dress" which refers to how the Grouse are left with just their feet and head feathered.

Oliver then takes the Grouse (expected to be up to one hundred Grouse), on ice, down to London. A four and a half hour drive to The Shed in Notting Hill, where just in the nick of time, they are prepped by our chefs and served in a triumphant feast!

We hope to see you all at The Shed this August 12th for a great evening of fantastic food, good stories, and even better celebrations.