Welcome to Sussex - Your key to the Countryside

Welcome to Sussex! A celebration of the countryside in the heart of Soho. A long-time dream for Oliver and Richard Gladwin, this first West End project is an evolution both for the brothers and their style. While Oliver's food is classic and honest, it still maintains his flair and creativity, artfully combining rustic with refined. Similarly, while the dining room aesthetic is clean and elegant, its accents are signature to the Gladwin panache; industrial oak furnishings and deep forest green walls complemented by artwork by Valentino Monticello.

True to the Gladwins' continued commitment to sustainability, Sussex sources seasonal produce from their west Sussex farm and local growers handpicked by the three brothers, Richard, Oliver and Gregory. In this vein, Sussex will showcase local and wild food from championing game to peppering the menu with foraged veg. The wine list features the Gladwin family's range of wines from Nutbourne Vineyards in Sussex. At the core of the restaurant, is a deep-rooted passion for British cookery, English wine and especially for creating a space Londoners can truly celebrate good food as a community.

In Richard Gladwins' words, "These walls have seen generations of guests enjoying themselves, and as much as this is a new chapter for GBE, it is also a step towards a sustainable future for a site so steeped in culinary history. We hope to bring a fresh perspective to the narrative of this building's story by bringing the farm into the dining room through seasonal and forward-thinking cooking that champions British produce and English wine."

So, in the spirit of new beginnings, come and enjoy an authentic taste of the countryside like you've never had before.